We make better games for three reasons:
- Games are our lifeblood and passion.
- Your audience comes first.
- We'll work with you to make the games you need.

Those core pillars are supported by decades of experience in designing, developing and delivering games on time and within budget.

Who do we do that for?
We work with brands and branding agencies, other games developers and a range of businesses and individuals with great game ideas that need an experienced partner.

We produce games and apps for marketeers, produce software for hardware companies and work with other software developers when they need technical help. We work with clients when they need project rescue, eLearning companies, training companies and academics.

Everywhere a game can engage, explain, demonstrate, market, sell, teach or train.

About Us
We're a team of developers, artists, animators and musicians that have developed over 200 console and mobile games such as Burnout, Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero and Second Life.

We use our 30+ years' experience in games – from UI and UX design, character and story design, through to development across all the platforms you're going to need – to provide compelling, visually attractive applications that engage with your players and customers.

We ensure that the precious concept you've spent your time and budget on designing, developing and marketing, produces an app that gets used, and used repeatedly.

Getting you and your players to the next level.
A selection of our recent work
Dragon Hunter
Dragon Hunter neatly demonstrates AR and VR technologies to partners and clients, giving ideas how these can be used within their own projects.

Platforms: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive,
Android, iOS
Tools: Unity, Vuforia
Cannonball Bingo is as far away from traditional, grannies-with-dobbers Bingo as you can get. The game is packed full with power-ups, mini games, collectables, bonuses, all within 12 different worlds!

Platforms: Android, iOS, Facebook
Tools: Unity
Headcaster is a next-generation messaging app for iOS and Android, allowing you to deliver animated, lip-synced messages via a variety of characters.

Platforms: iOS, Android, PC
Tools: Unity

Alph & Betty
Alph & Betty is the first in a series of animated storybooks for young children. A illustrated digital storybook which features TV quality animation, game functionality and literacy focused educational toys.

Platforms: iOS, Android
Tools: Unity
BMW Drift Challenge
DC was a Facebook game for BMW, produced in cooperation with our friends at Innovation Punks. We were given models of all the BMW's to be optimised for a web-based game.

Platforms: Facebook
Tools: Unity
Harlem Globetrotters
A challenging shoot-the-hoops game with a twist. We partnered with First Post Studios, who provided the artwork, then worked with Samsung to release as a Tizen launch title.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Tizen
Tools: Unity, Html5
Gridrunner++ is a conversion of Jeff Minter's classic game. Initially ported to ancient mobile phones running J2ME, the game was rebuilt to run within browsers running Java, and Flash.

Platforms: Web, FB, Mobile
Tools: Flash, J2ME
Cannonball Bingo
Working on...
Turtle Adventure
Vibrant underwater game used to promote our client's green values; both on their show booth and online.

Multiplayer Sports
Using the latest multiplayer networking technology, we're developing a suite of sports games across console, mobile, AR and VR; potentially incorporating cryptocurrencies for in-game payments.

WWII Blitz Word Game
Over the last two years, we've been working with a Lord on a novel word game, combined with a blitz narrative and a distinct visual style.
What our clients think:
Katie Goode
Creative Director at Triangular Pixels
Was great fun jamming some ideas with Mark and Get Better Games! Mark is always there as support for us if we need it, and that's greatly appreciated.
Garry Barter
CEO of Hertzian: Supporting Player XP
I've worked with Mark on a number of projects, both in my role at Hertzian and in previous roles. Mark and his team constantly exceed our requirements and are a pleasure to work with.

I would definitely recommend working with Mark and look forward to working closely together in the future.
Michael Kocel
Games & Apps
Working with Mark and his staff has been an absolute dream. Mark delegates tasks logically and manages timelines in a way that keeps the stress level to a minimum. His help in developing a rough game concept into a fully launched product is immeasurable. Always has things under control and running smoothly.

He knows when to bring in specialists to help and knows how and when to use them. I highly recommend the talented Mark Ripley and his staff.
Robert Belluso
CEO at Roentgen LLC
It was an absolute pleasure working with Mark. He was extremely professional at every step of the process. I worked with 3 other developers before Mark and wasted time and money with nothing to show for it.

I wish I had worked with Mark sooner because my project would have been done right the first time. He went out of his way to answer every question I had and solve any problems that arose. I feel very confident in his abilities and would hire him for any future project.
Ian Metcalfe
Property Manager at HML Group
I've not met a more enthusiastic, passionate gamer in my time in games. Mark aways put the game first; he lives and breathes games and doesn't stop till he has the game out of the door, then looks for the next.

You always know where you stand with Mark. He isn't afraid to listen to other peoples ideas and impliment them if they're valid. A pleasure to work with.
Richard Baxter
Senior R&D Software Engineer at PDP Ltd
I've utilised Mark's services a number of times over the years and always been very impressed with his attention to detail, flexibility and professionalism - it is a delight to work with Mark and his team.
Clients include:
Our CEO Mark Ripley
Mark is a games industry veteran having built businesses and teams, delivering interactive content since 1981. He has a portfolio of over 100 game titles that include a plethora of AAA brands and blue-chip companies. Now he's taking all of that game know-how to make games do better.
Contact Mark to discuss how Get Better Games can help you.
Phone: 01326 567240

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